Hello, friends! During this unprecedented health crisis, we are unable to have in-person music classes. This is challenging, stressful, and sad for all of us for many reasons. For children, having a weekly routine and a structure to the day is essential, and it is extremely regulating and calming during periods of unease and uncertainty. The loss of our “classes” and social time is a serious one, even for toddlers and preschoolers. The ability to get out of the house and engage with other families is also extremely important to parents and caregivers as well! And as a self-employed music therapist, not being able to conduct my regular programming is also disruptive and concerning for my own family!

As such, I would like to provide a way for us to all stay connected during this period of change and uncertainty. I know virtual music classes aren’t as fun as real-life ones, but they are an opportunity for us to engage our senses, “see” familiar faces, sing the songs that we have come to love, learn some new songs, and have a weekly class to look forward to.

I want to make this affordable for all my music class families, while still helping support my own family’s financial stability during this unsettling period of being unable to teach. So I am asking for a $5 donation for a weekly class, or $15 for an entire month of virtual classes.

**If the $5 cost is prohibitive for your family, PLEASE let me know and I will add you to our weekly class list anyway. I don’t want anyone to miss out on an opportunity to connect and grow through music.

What to Expect with Virtual Music Class:

  • We will have a weekly music class, lasting approximately 30 minutes, on Thursdays at 10:00. You can tune in LIVE via a Zoom link to see me and all the faces of your classmates!
  • AND/OR you will have access to a recorded video of class that you can watch anytime.
  • We will have a weekly theme, geared toward 1-5 year old children, like “Big Creatures, Small Creatures; Transportation, Oh The Places We’ll Go” etc.
  • I will email you a link to the live Zoom “class meeting” and video every week.
  • I will also email you with a link of “supplies” that it might be helpful to have on hand– something to shake, “sticks” to play, something to drum on, or a scarf to shake, etc. You do NOT have to have a collection of “real” instruments on hand, don’t worry!
  • If you miss the live class on Thursday at 10, don’t worry! You can watch the video any time you want!
  • This is a great way to enjoy a weekly music experience with your child, taught by a board certified music therapist with 20 years of experience (Me!).

Please feel free to email me at steph.iz@ hotmail(dot) com with any questions!


Payment Options:

Drop-in fee for one virtual music class

One month of virtual music class

Or, you can send $5 (one class) or $15 (full month) to me via Venmo at @Stephanie-Sprenger (Please leave your email address as a comment/note so that I know where to email the class link; you can set the payment to “private” so as not to share your email address publicly!)

Again, if cost is an issue, please email me at steph.iz@hotmail (dot) com and I will add you to class!

And here is a fun hand-washing song I wrote for you all! Be safe and healthy out there!

Miss Stephanie

Curious about class? Here is a video of our “Moving to the Music” themed class!

Here are some videos with ideas of homemade instruments you can try at home!