Songs by Stephanie Sprenger and Friends



Minivan Jams

By Stephanie Sprenger & Friends

1. Play and Stop.
2. Play Your Instruments
3. Shake Your Shakers
4. Mr. Turkey
5. Five Little Peas
6. I Love the Mountains
7. Little Green Frog
8. A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea
9. To The Beat
10. Two Little Birds/Five Little Chickadees
11. Pitter Patter, Kaboom, Drip Drop
12. Down by the Station/Train is a-Comin’
13. Flower Buds
14. The Finger Band
15. Four Little Speckled Frogs
16. The Apple Tree
17. Open, Shut Them
18. Wheels on the Bus
19. Five Little Ducks