What People are Saying

I am going to share with you some of the most rewarding comments I have received from past and present music class participants. Hearing these kind words always reminds me why I am a teacher, and I am hoping they will help give you a better picture of what music class is all about.

When I signed up for music class, I thought I was doing it for my daughter. As it turns out, it was for me. Coming to music class has made me a better parent, and helped me to have more fun at home with my child. – mom of a 20-month old

Dear Miss. Stephanie-

One of the saddest things about Jack, Claire and Liam growing up is not being in music class with you! Truly one of the outings not only they looked forward to, but myself, as well. Your talent and ability to captivate an audience from age 6 months to 5 years never ceased to amaze me. I thank you and will always cherish those memories, dance moves, guitar pluckings, birthday parties and such. In our eyes you are Golden’s celebrity rock star and oh…how excited the kiddos get when they run into you out in public 🙂


Kim B.

Our daughter Julia is 5 years old, she was born with a rare chromosome disorder and is non-verbal – but music is her language! Classes with Miss Stephanie have not only been a joy for Julia but also a huge aid in her development. Miss Stephanie has such a gift for making special kids feel safe to learn and explore. She is patient and observant and she loves what she does. We are so thankful for Miss Stephanie, she has brought extra love and smiles and songs into our lives!- Laurie

The songs we have learned in music class have been so helpful for me and my son. We sing them during difficult transitions during the day, when we are waiting in lines, and we even make up our own words for our daily routines. – mom of a 12 month old

My daughter loved Miss Stephanie’s music class. She sang along to the songs, danced and enjoyed playing all the instruments. She would even do a little shake when it was her turn to bang on the drum or hit the triangle. I would highly recommend this class for an infant/toddler.
Julie (Abby’s mom)

I’ve been taking my daughter to Music for Tiny Tots since she was 6-months old.  My daughter is now almost 21-months and we adore Stephanie and look forward to our weekly class.  I have seen my daughter grow with the class and watch her feel comfortable trying new things in a small controlled group setting. Stephanie keeps the class flowing and is amazing at keeping the children interested in what is happening in class.

I have tried several other Mom & Tot classes and feel that I have found one of the best teachers and leaders in Stephanie.  I would recommend this class to all Moms with tots.


Miss Stephanie’s class provided a warm, fun, enriching environment for both of my kids (and me, too!). She makes every kid feel welcome from day one of class – seriously, she knows every kid’s name by the end of the first class! – and her classes introduce kids to music, instruments, rhythm, and so much more- Leslie

My girls and I ADORED Miss Stephanie’s music class – it was truly the highlight of our week for many years.  Even now (my girls are 9 and 11), we still remember and sing songs that we learned in her class (we just sang the Zoo song last week!).  I feel so fortunate to have been able to have Stephanie’s influence in my kids’ lives. – Barbara

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